Be rad adventure company inc.

Empowering you to seek adventure while developing skills and confidence


Our Story

The idea to begin offering outdoor adventures in New Brunswick came to our Founder, Sam, as she was enjoying epic mountain bike rides on amazing single track trails, trail runs through the lush forests, coastal hikes, vertical climbing adventures, and swimming in the lakes, rivers, and the Bay!

Our Name, Be Rad

Did you know that “Radler” translates to “Cyclist” in German!? In Germany, it is common for cyclists to order a radler or spritzer beer at a trailside pub when taking a break from cycling. Growing up between Germany and Canada, Sam heard this word being used often in the cycling community. “Rad” translates to "Wheel", and we wanted to use it seeing how we like both the word for its awesomeness and for its use when it comes to you just being rad on two wheels!

Our Mission

We want to guide you through our natural landscape and we want you to be part of an amazing community. We are your coaches and your local connections to the best authentic outdoor adventures.

We want to empower women, men, and youth to explore their rad side and choose a real adventure!

Supporting the Trails

We are dedicated to supporting the hard work that is maintaining trail networks. So, we decided that for each of our events, we will donate a portion of the registrations to the local trail network. $5 for every registered participant!

Your participation in our events will support the local trails!

Be Rad Adventure Company Inc.